Metafields and Metaobjects

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Metafields and Metaobjects are a great way to store and display additional information in your Shopify store.

The stored information can then either be displayed on, for instance, product or collection pages or can be used for internal tracking.

In the context of a theme and your store’s design one of the most obvious ways to use metafields is to show product-specific information on your product page.

To learn more about metafields and metaobjects please check these resources: metafields, metaobjects.

Once you created metafield definitions you can easily connect them to the theme and display them on your store directly from the theme editor. Theme sections and blocks that support dynamic sources feature the dynamic source icon:

In the Iris theme, you can display dynamic sources in a variety of sections and blocks on product and collection pages.

Creating dynamic icons and subcollections are two unique and interesting ways to use metafields and metaobjects. Please check the related guides below:

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Metafields and Metaobjects

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