Countdown Timer

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Create a sense of urgency ( FOMO ) with Iris’ countdown timer feature. This feature is available in various sections and as a block on the product and collection pages.

When setting up the timer make sure to use the date and time format shown within the block.

Important: universal time UTC is used for time calculations. Pay attention to the counter when setting the end time. Tip: use Time Zone Converter to convert your local time to UTC.

On the product page, you can find it as a block in the Product Information section. Here it can be set to display on all products or only on products with the “timer” tag. This is controlled by the checkbox at the bottom of the countdown timer options.

If you decide to display it only on products with the “timer” tag make sure that you add the tag in the Tags box for every product you want it to appear on.

On collection pages, the timer is available in the Collection Banner section.

You can also find the countdown timer within these sections:

  • Featured Collections
  • Image Banner
  • Featured Product
  • Announcement Bar ( Header )
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Countdown Timer

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