Iris Page Templates

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Templates are a collection of sections that are configured to give your online store a consistent look and feel.

In the theme editor, you can discover which templates are applied to which pages, and then edit them to customize the information displayed to your customers.

It is worth mentioning that editing a template applies the changes to every page that uses that page template. You can easily create templates yourself (up to 1000) and use available sections and blocks to create layouts that best fit your brand.

Iris comes with a set of templates for the main pages in your store to get you started quickly and easily. Page templates like “default”, “about”, “contact”, “faq” or “lookbook” you can use on any page on your site. You can customize them,  duplicate them to create different versions and so on.

Dynamic templates like “product”, “collection” and “blog” you can only use for the intended purpose of displaying your collection, product or blog page.

There are also specialized templates like “404”, “gift card”, “cart”, “search” and more that let you customize the look and feel of these pages.

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Iris Page Templates

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