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Customize colors for your entire store. Iris theme has color options split into two sections, Color Schemes and Additional Colors.

Color Schemes

In color schemes, you can set up main colors like background, text, button, and link colors. Once you set up your color schemes in Theme Settings they need to be applied per section using the Color Scheme setting within section settings. This way you can use different color schemes for different sections.

Our Tip: use Scheme 1 as your default color scheme and then use other schemes for sections where you want to have different backgrounds, text, or button colors. If you just want to have, for example, a different background color make sure to set the other colors in that scheme to the same values as in your default scheme.

Additional Colors

In the additional colors section of the Theme Settings, you can adjust colors used for various elements like badges, special buttons, decoration backgrounds, borders, and more. These color settings are outside of the color schemes and are applied globally.

Accent color options are used for various badges and the countdown timer. Special background options apply background colors to various elements found in many sections e.g. content boxes, decoration background, and more. The quick add button colors can be adjusted independently of the standard buttons which are set in the color scheme. There are also options to adjust opacity and border colors which are used in a few sections.

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