Delivery Estimator

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Delivery estimator is a useful tool to show your visitors approximation of when a product would be delivered if they purchase today. For many customers this is an important factor for making a purchase and can therefore improve your store’s conversion.

It is available as a block on the product page which lets you position it anywhere you want on a product page.

To set it up you simply need to add the minimum and maximum number of business days required for the product to arrive. For example; if you know that it takes at least 2 business days to deliver your products but not more than 5 you would simply add number 2 in the “min” field and 5 in the max field. Estimator will calculate the dates on the fly and your site’s visitors will see the date range in which their product should arrive. 

Note: estimator doesn’t count Saturday and Sundays as business days.

You can use delivery estimator in two ways:

  • Globally – when you first set it up, as described above, it will apply to all products
  • Per product – you can also set different delivery times for different products by using these product tags: “earliest delivery x” and “latest delivery y”. Replace X and Y with the min and max number of business days required for that product to be delivered.

When a product has these tags added in its tag field it will override the global settings and calculate delivery dates using the numbers added in tags.

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Delivery Estimator

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